5 Reasons why Slate Roof is a Popular Roofing Material

Roofs protect us from different weather conditions. It is however important for the roofs to serve you for the longest time possible. Each roof has a lifespan which is mostly dictated by the material it is made from. One of the most long lasting materials used to make roofing material is slate.

What is slate?

It is one type of metamorphic rock that is used in making roof shingles or tiles. The material makes very strong roofing material. Slate is available in different colors depending on locality. Slate roofing material from Buckingham County comes in gray, black or blue color. Vermont slate is commonly found in unfading green or gray, semi-weathering green/gray, purple, or unfading green.

Why is slate roofing very popular?

  1. Longevity – The roofing material can last for as long as100 years. Regardless of the number of years that the material lasts, its appearance remains the same.
  2. Durability – The good thing about slate is that it comes from a natural stone. It is therefore very strong and resistant to harsh weather conditions and temperatures. Slate is also energy efficient and water efficient.
  3. Visually appealing – Slate can be used in any home regardless of the architectural design of the house. Its simple design and availability in different colors makes it a choice in many homes. It is possible to get it in a custom made size or thickness.
  4. Environmentally friendly – It is made from a natural material which is environmentally friendly. Since it is long lasting you do not need to replace it any time soon so it is does not add any waste to the environment.
  5. Cost effective – Installing slate roofing is expensive but the cost is compensated in the durability and low maintenance cost of the material.

Other important factors to consider

Some slate roofing companies Dublin have the slate stone, nails (metal fasteners) and wooden boards. As long as the roofing is properly installed, you will not need to worry about repair costs soon after installing. After installation, schedule regular maintenance to ensure your roof is in a perfect condition. When you buy slate from selected companies, they offer free annual maintenance service.

Why you should only hire an experienced roofer

The roofer will ensure that they do the job well and you will be guaranteed of protection for you and you loved ones. The installation will be done so well that you will need to incur repair or maintenance expenses any time soon.

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