6 common misconceptions about career coaching

Have you ever thought that maybe a career coach would do you some good? But you thought again, aren’t these people overrated? Will a career coach really help me grow? What is it that they know that I don’t know? Well, you are not alone, many people still do not understand clearly who a career coach is and what role they would play in their lives.

A career coach helps you analyze your career performance so as to be able to strategize for growth.  They help you set career goals and come up with strategies to implement them. However, due to the myths surrounding not only career coaching but also coaching in general, many people miss out on the opportunities coaching presents.

Below are some of the common myths

  1. Career coaching is a luxury for the rich

Coaching sessions aim at delving into an individual’s mind to help them ignite it so as to be able to align themselves in their careers. This misconception is often fueled by the fact that career coaching is expensive. It takes highly trained professional, long sessions, in-depth conversations and rigorous tasks hence the hefty costs. However, the results are invaluable which is why it is important to invest in a career coach.

  1. Career coaches offer quick fixes to issues

Any lasting development cannot be achieved with quick fixes. Career coaches aim to help their clients achieve life-lasting solutions in their careers. Keep in mind most of these coaches are highly trained and therefore are able to provide quick solutions to some of the issues a lay man may consider complex.

  1. Guarantee you a job

The coach acts as a touch bearer but the client has to do the work. For the growth to be sustainable, the client has to gain the necessary skills, attitude and confidence. This cannot be done if the coach writes resume for the client and uses short cuts.

  1. Coaching is similar to counselling

Many people think that career coaching sessions are similar to high school guidance and counselling sessions. In professional practice, counselling is entirely different from coaching. While counselling looks into the past to be able to unmask the root cause of issues, coaching focuses on the future and implementing a successful future. A coach acts a personal mentor to help you realize your career goals.

  1. Coaching is only for those win elite careers

Don’t you want to have a career that you are happy about? You can be elite in your own way. Settling for mediocre goals only robs you of great opportunities and experiences in life.

  1. All you require is a session or two

Achieving your life’s goals takes more than a session or two. It is a long-term commitment to take the necessary actions, remain consistent, and accountable. Experts advise that you should focus on making long-term commitments.

There comes a time in life when one may find it absolutely necessary to invest in a career coach. Maybe you want to change career fields, you lack clarity of your purpose, you suddenly lost a job in Tipperary or you are faced with an obstacle. A career coach can help you benchmark you career to another level and help you achieve those goal. It may be a hefty investment but it will payoff.

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