8 Services that should be Included in the wedding Cover band Price

Planning a wedding requires a lot of logistics which can be daunting for the couple. Hidden fees are one of the major issues that couples experience. In most cases, the couple learns of the charges when it is too late to change vendors. The only option that the couples have is to pay the fees even though that was not in the earlier agreements.

When it comes to entertainment, there are features that are standard and every wedding band should provide the services without charging an extra fee. If the band charges you extra for the service or if they are unwilling to sign a contract, you should reconsider their service before it is too late.

  1. MC services

Since bands control the sound system and the microphone, it does not make sense why they should not MC during the wedding. Having a band that provides MC services reduces the number of communication breakdown and less people get on and off the stage through the reception and ceremony. Things run smoothly with the band in charge of entertainment and MC services.

  1. PA and lighting

Bands should be ready with audio productions, mixers and a sound guy. If they ask you for any of the things, they are simply asking you to do more than you should handle. The only thing that you can help them with is ensuring that the stage has sufficient space and that there are enough speakers.

  1. Their instruments

You should only pay extra for the instruments used by the band only if the band has travelled from far. Any other payment is a rip off.

  1. Fast response time

If the band does not respond fast to your concerns and questions, you should question their service. If simple communication is an issue, how can they guarantee quality service?

  1. Appropriate attire

The band should be willing to blend in with your wedding’s theme so as to create a consistent and well-rounded wedding experience. Donning attire should not attract extra fee, it is part of customer service.

  1. Word from past clients

Take time to find out reviews for past clients for the band before hiring. You can even ask the band for contacts of past clients. If they are hesitant, keep away.

  1. An inclusive song list

You will have people with different taste for music during the wedding so choose a band with a versatile and long song list.

  1. Arriving on time

Bands should purpose to arrive at the venue 2 hours before time for last minute practice and preparations. No band should charge extra for being told to arrive before the event begins.

Make sure you understand the quote entirely before signing the contract to avoid surprises during payment period.

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