Guide to Choosing the Right Shingle for your Roof

It is impossible to replace a roof every year or too often so when you invest in a roof you should choose the color, style and type of shingle that meets your needs and preference.

To help you choose the shingle for your roof, please read the following three points.

  1. Choosing the right type of shingle

As you plan to invest in your roof, you first of all need to determine the type of shingle that you want. If you want an asphalt-based roof, you need to have a good understanding of the two main types of asphalt based roofs.

  • 3-tab shingles or regular asphalt shingles – They are flat and they have one shingle size and shape. They cost almost the same as laminate shingles but the 3-tab shingles have a slightly shorter lifespan.
  • Laminate or architectural shingles – They have more layers and a heavier base mat. The tabs are of different shapes and sizes which guarantee more dimensional appearance.
  1. Select the features and style of shingles that best fits you

You need to consider the following factors;

  • Appearance – This is manly about the dimension that you want for your shingle. With architectural shingles, they create a shadow effect which makes your roof to have an ultra-dimensional look.
  • Algae defense – If you live in a place with algae or prone to algae, choose shingle that will not discolor if attacked by algae.
  • Fire protection – For protection against fire, buy shingles with class A rating for fire. It will assure you of safety in case of fire.

Do not ignore environmental conditions such as snow or strong wind as they can affect your shingles adversely.

  1. Finding the ideal color

This is the most challenging part after deciding on the type and style of shingle that you want.

  • Consider the aesthetics of your home– Different shingles will work on various styles of home so chose carefully to prevent crashing
  • Curb appeal is important – In case you are thinking of selling your home soon, consider a neutral color.
  • Survey your neighborhood – If you notice a neighbor with a roof that catches your eye and you would be interested in the roof, ask them where they bought it and the roofer that installed it. You can also use the information to choose a roof that stands out in your neighborhood.

In case your home is one of the many homes in n association, remember they have a specific color scheme. Apart from speaking to your roofers Dublin, use online tools that help you visualize different aspects of a home before construction.

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