How to Buy a TV bracket

Back in the day, television sets were placed on a sturdy piece of furniture and the job was done. There was no need for brackets because the TV’s were robust and extremely heavy, there was no real danger of them accidentally falling over.

New age televisions on the other hand are thin, large, relatively expensive, and easily breakable. Therefore, the correct bracket will help maintain them in a secured place and decrease accidental breakage due to drops. Another benefit of TV brackets to appreciate is avoiding possible child endangerment by having the television, which is a heavy object, securely anchored. There have been various incidents when a child has lost his life due to climbing on furniture or heavy objects that unfortunately fall on top of them.

Televisions come in distinct sizes and models, but no matter which is bought, it is imperative that you have the correct bracket to match. Protecting our investments is a big deal and brackets help support the TV and prevent accidents. So here is a quick guide on how to buy one.

Video Electronics Standards Association

Video Electronics Standards Association, or VESA for short, created a mounting standard for flat screened displays in 1997. Originally, the pattern was a square and screws held it in place. Today you can find different arrangements and brackets that offer more screws; the one to buy will all depend on the size of your television. Explore which type of mount will best suit your needs. Currently you can find flat, swivel, cantilever, and even motorized brackets to choose from. Each is fabricated to meet a certain need, either to allow mounting in corners, irregular angles, or just to offer visual charm.

Specifically designed cable exits also appear in all VESA mounting standards to facilitate cable organization and setup. The main thing to investigate is if the bracket in question meets VESA standards. Plan to buy the bracket before or at the same time you are buying the television.

Searching for the right bracket to fit your TV

You can search for brackets through brands, TV or bracket size, and TV model number. Every television brand usually comes with one of their own. This will guarantee a snug and correct fit. You can normally ask for help with this in the store you buy the TV.

All brackets will be labeled with the size of TV they were built for. Make sure to buy the one that is for the TV size you own right now and not for the TV you plan on having in the future. The size of the TV can be calculated by measuring the screen diagonally (do not include the edging). It would be easier to have the manual though with the correct measurement already noted.

VESA bracket sizes can range from 50 by 50 to 800 to 600. A noteworthy fact is that all VESA measurements are in millimeters, while display sizes are in inches! If VESA sizes only confuse you, ignore and find an easier method.

Finally, you can simply look on the box or behind your television to find the TV model. It will be a series of numbers and letters, almost always labeled as “model number”.

Universal mounts are available but will require a bit of manual labor to get just right.

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