How to Identify a Bad Recruitment Agency

During tough economic times, unemployment rates skyrocket. Unfortunately, it is during this time that malicious job recruitment agencies take advantage of the large number of unemployed people looking for employment. However, knowing the quality that characterizes the bad agencies can save you from their traps.

Do they charge for their services?

You should be warned if a recruitment agency asks for payment for any of their service. When it comes to recruitment agencies, the company that hires the employees is the one that pays the agency for their work. The agency should also not ask you to sign a contract agreeing to pay them any mount of your salary; they are paid by your employer.

How informed is your consultant?

A recruitment agency should be knowledgeable about all matters to do with recruitment. This is because there is a fierce competition in the industry and the more informed the agency is, the better it is for you. As long as the consultants are well informed, they conduct high standard training programs and this gives you the best opportunity for employment.

Are they keen on the truth?

Some recruitment agencies are not strict on telling the truth. In fact, some agencies advise job seekers to lie in their CV or during interviews about their professional and personal history. The truth is, this makes you unethical and so does the consultant. Keep away from a consultant that encourages you to lie.

Do they convert your references into new business leads?

If an agency tries to reach out to your references for business deals, keep away as it is evident that the agency is more concerned at finding additional businesses more than helping you find a job. Call your references to find out if the recruiters have proposed any business to them. If they did, it is time to get another consultancy agency.

Are they to confident?

Agencies that are too confident about offering you a job capitalize on hot air business approach. The only people who have such ability in guaranteeing the job are the hiring company. Look for very honest agencies that have no trouble telling you the truth from the beginning.

Does the agency put pressure on you to apply to certain jobs?

The role of the agency is to help you find the best job for you depending on your interests and qualifications. It is not right for them to force you to apply to certain jobs probably because they will get better commission from the jobs. Good agencies deliver your best interest.

Is the agency asking you too many questions?

The agency should avoid asking you question that provide too many details about your employment history. They should also not ask you to name companies where you have sent your applications to. Unprofessional agencies can use the list of the places where you have sent your application to send other applicants CV which only increases competition for you.

Not all recruitment agencies are unprofessional

The above pointers are only meant to help you avoid unethical and bad recruitment agencies. They should therefore help you to find reliable and legit agencies and you should not give up on finding a good recruitment agency. Make sure you ask around about the reputation of the company as it will reveal he true colors of the agency.

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