How to know when to Replace or Repair your Roof

The lifespan for wood shingles is 30 years while others can last for over 50 years. For a roof to last for the expected lifespan, you need to carry our maintenance service and annual servicing. If your roof is no longer in the best condition, consider the following factors before deciding whether to replace or repair the roof.

  1. Age of you roof – A new roof requires little maintenance service such as preventing insects from attacking soffits, keeping the gutters clean and sealing leaking flashings. If the roof is old, no amount of repairs will restore it to its optimal functional state.
  2. Cost factor – When your roof suffers any damages, you must sit and think about the cost implication. Consider how much the repairs costa and whether it makes economic sense. It does not make sense to pay high repair costs for an old roof.
  3. Scope of issues – Sometimes, the cost of repair and the age of the roof fail to help you make a clear decision on whether to replace or repair your roof. you can rely on some issues to help you make an informed decision
  • Degree of shingle deterioration – How serious is the shingle damaged? Are they blistered, missing or curled shingles? Go to the attic during daytime and check to see whether you can see light passing through the shingle, if there is light, it is time to replace your roof.
  • Multiple leaks – If your roof is leaking from several places, replacing the roof makes sense compared to repairing it. If you are to repair all the damaged spots, it would take you time and a lot of money.
  • Valley issues – If your roof has several ‘V’ joints it is advisable that you replace your roof if it suffers any damages.
  1. Layers of shingles – Roofing regulations allow a maximum of two layers of shingles on the roof. If the second layer gets damaged, the only option left is to replace the roof as you have reached the maximum chances of replacing.
  2. Aesthetics – As different shingles age, they discolor. Replacing a large part of the roof will be obvious and will look unsightly.
  3. Relocation plans – If you plan on selling your home, replacing a roof will definitely increase the value of the home. A great looking place will attract a better price.

Roof replacement and roofing repairs Dublin are an important aspect to homeowners as most will be faced with a situation where they need to make a choice between the two. As long as you inspect your roof often time and budget accordingly, you will not have to deal with unpleasant surprises and you home will be safe.

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