Want to Improve Your Blog’s Conversation Rate?

Blogs are nothing without visitors, and hopefully those visitations convert into something else, e.g. a testimonial, a purchase, a referral, whatever your blog’s call to action is. In order to attract more visitors, more traffic, to your site, you need to optimise your site completely.

Creating a website blog is not just about making it look pretty and marketing it a little, it’s actually so much more than that. So, if you’re trying to SEO optimise your blog to create more traffic, here are a few easy points which could attract many more visitors your way.

  • Do your keyword research – Keywords are vital when it comes to listing at the top of the search engine result, and therefore attracting more visitors. Do you ever really venture past the first page of Google’s search results? Be honest. Nobody really does, so for that reason you need to find out the most searched for keywords, and you need to optimise your site to be as high up on that list as possible.
  • Have a relevant URL and title – Your blog address needs to be relevant to your site and what it is about, otherwise visitors aren’t going to have the first idea what they’re clicking on. Similarly, the title needs to be interesting and attention grabbing, whilst also reflecting what the site is about, and it’s real feel.
  • Understand meta descriptions – A meta description is the little caption of writing which comes underneath the search result. This is your chance to quickly sum up what your blog entry is about, so it needs to be snappy, and it needs to be under 160 characters.
  • Separate your work with headings – H1 to H6 headings are ideal for separating your work up, but also for helping visitors navigate your site and your blog posts. It’s no good having a site which is hard to move around, and these headings will make it much easier for visitors to do that, and to return.
  • Use internal links – If you can link to other pages on your site when creating a blog post, you can send more traffic to other parts, which ups your numbers. Obviously, the more traffic you have, the better!
  • Use quality content, with easy to read layout – You can have the most well optimised site on the planet, but if the content is rubbish, nobody is going to return to your blog, and you’re not going to get referrals either! Make sure the content is high quality, and make sure it is well laid out, attractive, and easy to read.

As you can see, upping your numbers really doesn’t have to be about rocket science subjects, and it can be as easy as making sure that you’re giving your visitors what they want, as well as pleasing the search engines to make sure you’re high up on that list.

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