What to Look for in a Commercial Roofing Contractor

What goes through your mind when you need to hire a roofer? Do you feel confident? Surprising enough many roofers do not feel confident. This is very understandable considering the seriousness of a roofing project. If you hire the wrong contractor, you will keep paying for the wrong decisions in terms of endless repair costs until you replace the roof.  You should therefore consider a few things before hiring a roofer.

Tips for hiring a roofer

The tips will help you prequalify the roofer for the work. The pointers help to protect you and your business so do your due diligence before hiring a roofer.

  • Experience modification rate – Insurance companies use this to rate a client’s past claim experience. Hire a client with less than 1.0 as it shows that they have a good performance.
  • Accident history – Companies self-report their accident level. Unfortunately, not all companies are honest so you may need to go an extra step to ensure that you get accurate information. You can compare the OSHA and EMR report to get the exact number of accidents.
  • Citations – OSHA keeps a record of citations issues to contractors. Even through you fail to see any activity for small companies, do not assume that they are safe to work with.
  • Quality insurance – Insurance companies are very careful about the contractors that they insure. If the contractor is insured, check if they are covered by an A+ company. If it is covered, confirm that their policy covers you in case something goes wrong.
  • Financial track record – A good roofing contractor has a stable and good financial report. This is because they consistently satisfy the needs of the customer. They therefore experience an increase of work. Since they value their clients, they never file for bankruptcy as it would leave their clients unattended.
  • Training and equipment – Professional contractors have certificates that verify that their employees are trained and qualified for the job. They also have safety equipment to protect their employees when working.
  • Final meeting – Schedule a meeting with the contractor before they start working. Insist that the contractor to produce a written safety plan and inform him you will inspect his workers to ensure they follow the plan. If he is unwilling to present the plan, you should be concerned about it.

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